How to create a great intro for your persuasive essay

Students tend to have a slight problem when it comes to persuasive essays. While the intentions of this type of paper are to get your personal perspective points across, the one issue that many students have is closing off their readers from the very beginning.

When you are writing an introduction about anything, the main purpose is to ease them slowly into what you are writing about and why you chose this specific topic/subject. This manual by an expert from WriteMyEssayToday is a clear-cut and brief collection of tips that you can utilize when composing a great persuasive essay.

  1. Start out with an open-minded tone
  2. When you are looking to get your opinion across on paper, the first thing that you want to establish with your readers is an open mind. There is absolutely no problem in having a concrete belief in what you are speaking of. However, you do not want to be off-putting to your readers by condemning them in any way just because you do not share the same thoughts. Have an open mind with knowing that you have a firm reason to your opinions, but allow for other to say “Okay, well I understand where he/she is at least coming from.”

  3. Choose your language carefully
  4. It is key that when you are writing a persuasive paper introduction that you choose your language carefully. Words and phrases that include vulgar/demeaning language are things that you should definitely stay away from.

  5. Make your standpoint clear
  6. With the latter, two tips do not feel as if you cannot make your standpoint clear. The entire point of a persuasive essay is to explain what you personally believe in. When you are making your case, do it from the sense that you are teaching someone why you think that way instead of “telling” them how they should think your way.

As you can see, these tips can be utilized for any type of topic and/or subject that you choose to write about. The introduction is the gateway to your point of view that others should feel welcomed to read. Don’t try to run your readers off before they even get a chance to see why you have your specific opinions. At the end of the day, keep in mind that your introduction can be the deal-maker or deal-breaker (especially to those who may oppose your ideology).

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